1/5 Response Rate Sales Letter

1/5 Response Rate Sales Letter


The image makes the company. But what makes the image?

The Corporate Booklet is the most basic form of B2B communication. It is also the most important. On foreign shores the Corporate Booklet becomes the distinction between being part of the pack and having a positive corporate identity.

At Atlantis, a pool of talented, creative minds offer you the best in Corporate Communication. Applying the very best in Visual Imagery, Wordcraft and Psychology we create Corporate Booklets that underline in boldface your company among the ‘others.’

Our creatively rich and powerful work includes booklets for Holiday Tours, IBM’s National Principal Distributor, Aroma Chemicals, and even a Conglomerate.

A brief opportunity to present ourselves/send across our work portfolio could present your business a whole new vista.

Incidentally, the only catch to hiring our services, sir, is that you just might end up spending much more on champagne.

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I was 30 and single. I had a few friends. But I wasn’t happy. Now things have changed dramatically. I feel like I have it all. I am now happily engaged and looking forward to a life with a wonderful man. I thought I should share my story with people, share my happiness with them. I am May Waters.

In A Nutshell

I had tried every trick in the book to lose weight. Then, I found something that was more than just a trick. It was a wish-come-true. I found two diet foods that changed my life. The first is Wu Yi Green Extreme Tea. This amazing product has been used by the Chinese for over 400 years and maybe you know that the Chinese are very often flab free, much more than us Americans or Europeans. The second fantastic discovery I made was Total Cleanse supplement. Your insides need cleaning just like the outside does and I found the perfect way to do it. Trying these products cost me nothing and I found the perfect solution to my weight issues for free.

My True Story

As a bright student, I was someone who always was at the top of the class. I loved my books. I got so absorbed in them in my teens, that I never found the time for sports. By the time I was nineteen, I was a lass with about 50 extra pounds on her, all in the wrong places!

After my teens, I found it hard to get into a relationship on my terms. I was good at my job, like my academics, and sought to lose myself in it. But the nagging thought that troubled me was of all those attractive women with boyfriends. Don’t get me wrong, I did have a couple of relationships (short ones) by the time I was 29, but I still didn’t feel good about myself being overweight.

And it is not about just relationships either. I didn’t have as much self esteem as it seemed I did at work. I was a 200 pounder, with good facial features, who could have looked much better! As I turned 29 I realized that I was facing a lack of energy at work. I knew there had to be a way to fight the fat. So for one year I tried all kinds of famous diets.

I tried the Atkins Diet, Carb Counting, Drinking Juices; I could have written a book on how to try to lose weight. Well here I am writing an article on how I successfully lost weight. I love it! Now for the specifics: There were two things that helped me shed the pounds. Wu Yi Green Extreme Tea and Total Cleanse Supplement. The best part is that they didn’t cost me a cent!

My Weight Loss Plan Part 1

The first element of my weight loss plan was Wu Yi Green Extreme Tea. The free trial of Wu Yi Green Extreme Tea was the beginning of the end of my flab. All I did was substitute my daily or sometimes twice-daily intake of soft drinks with Wu Yi Green Extreme Tea. It was simple because Wu Yi is so tasty.

Here is what Wu Yi Green Extreme Tea does for me

• It burns fat
• Cleanses the system
• Makes your body metabolize faster
• Gives energy, health, and curbs appetite healthily
• It helps the body to fight cancer
• It tones the body as well
• Great tasting!

The thirty day free trial of Wu Yi Green is the way to go. I found out for free the easy way to lose weight, healthily. That Wu Yi Extreme Green Tea loses you weight the healthy way has been confirmed by studies, and I found it out for myself as well. You should too!

My Weight Loss Plan Part 2

The second essential part of my weight loss plan is Total Cleanse supplement. There is a joke about how the different parts of the body had an argument about which was most important. All the asshole had to do was shut up, and everyone had to agree that he was most important. But it is not just a joke. It is true that unless your insides are completely clean your body can’t remain healthy and you can’t easily lose weight.

So here is what Total Cleanse Supplement did for me.

• It cleaned up my insides
• Helped me assimilate food better
• Gave me a ton more positive energy
• Let me get control over my blood pressure and cholesterol
• Thinned me like nothing else

What I Gained and What I Lost By Trying Wu Yi Extreme Green Tea and Total Cleanse

In a sense what I gained is just the mirror image of what I lost and vice versa, I gained a healthier, slimmer physique. I lost 25 pounds of excess weight in the trial period. It was amazing. During the following two months of using Wu Yi Tea and Total Cleanse Supplement, I lost another 25 pounds.

I also gained a more positive self-image and shed the guilt of eating too much and being unkind to my own body. I feel as good as I felt as a little girl.

If you are looking for something that will help you lose weight after all the other fashionable diets have failed, try these two. But use both of them together for maximum benefit. Also, if you haven’t slipped in the mire of diets that don’t work, find your footing with Wu Yi Extreme Green Tea and Total Cleanse supplement

Before giving in to flab, I suggest you take a free trial of these two amazing products. They are backed by great guarantees and are not scams for sure. You just might find the keys that will change your life for good.

B2B Writing

B2B Writing

The B2C Online-Promo and Mobile-Advertising Checklist

The global B2C e-commerce industry netted about $1.5 trillion USD of goods and services in 2014. That’s comparable with the GDP of Australia ($1.482 trillion USD). I see e-commerce overtaking offline commerce before the first man sets foot on Mars. This makes online marketing of prime importance to present-day B2C businesses. Within the online marketing space, online promos and mobile-advertising are growing both in size and in complexity.

What Makes Online-Promos and Mobile-Advertising so Exciting

Tactical online promos and mobile advertising, within a powerful online marketing strategy, are a potential David-kills-Goliath game. The small are no longer the weak. A powerfully applied online campaign by a smaller entity can potentially defeat big marketing muscle. This is what makes online-promos and mobile-advertising so exciting.

Things to Remember in Online-Promos and Mobile-Advertising

• Offer value to the customer. What’s in it for me?” is a question that is going to inhabit the subconscious mind of the customer when you first present your offering. The customer needs to know the answer to that question either directly or in terms of emotion via the words and images you present. The value proposition needs to be presented seamlessly within the marketing message.
• Target and micro-target the right customers. Businesses need to know clearly who their customers are and where they are online. Then they need to present their message in a manner that the target customer identifies with, based on their psychographic profile. The technology to micro-target is available, why not use it?
• Integrate your marketing. Marketing needs to be integrated across online platforms and offline ones. By integrating the marketing, the customers are pointed in one direction – towards the sale. Don’t confuse customers by delivering conflicting text or visual messages across channels.
• Deliver tangible and intangible benefits to customers. Customers need to be given both measurable rewards that can be measured as well as rewards that are linked with emotion during the marketing interaction with the business. Delight the customer.
• Be credible. Present your company as credible and reliable. The internet is populated with scams, and customers need to know that your offering is genuine.
• Present the business attractively. Everyone loves beauty. Present your business attractively with imagery that appeals to your target customer.
• Engage customers. Build trust by interacting with customers. Create a community online. Create together, solve problems together and celebrate together. Remember to re-engage past customers. Engagement is about making customers feel special.
• Let your customers have a sense of control. When your customers have a sense of control in the process of sale, you gain credibility and also trust.

Some of the hot spaces in promotions marketing are: contests, sweepstakes, instant-wins, digital promotions, prize fulfillments, collect and win games, gamification programs, virtual scavenger hunts, loyalty programs and employee training

The Future of Online-Promos and Mobile-Advertising

The future has begun arriving. As mobiles assume center stage and genuine brand-customer relationships are rewarded, some things will remain constant. Content will still be king. . Innovation will still thrive. The social net will be the next marketing wave as happy customers promote brands. Metrics will grow more accurate. The marketers who stay current will prove winners in this constant game of learn and apply. And the checklist will grow bigger and more complicated.

Article for Internet Brands

Article for Internet Brands

Home Equity Mortgage Loan

When you use the equity in your home as collateral to take out a mortgage loan, it is termed as a home equity mortgage loan. Home equity is the value of owed money deducted from the present home value. Home equity mortgage loans are taken out for a variety of reasons. These include funding an education, paying medical bills or repairing the home.

Home Equity Mortgage Loan Requirements

To obtain a home equity mortgage loan one usual requirement is a good credit history. A second requirement is a good loan to value as well as combined loan to value ratio.

Difference Between A Home Equity Loan and HELOC

A home equity line of credit involves a line of revolving credit. The rate of interest in this case is adjustable. A home equity mortgage loan on the other hand has a fixed rate of interest and the loan type is one time-lump sum.

Ancillary Fees Involved in Home Equity Mortgage Loans

There are a number of costs associated with such loans. These include stamp duties, title fees, originator fees, appraisal fees, early pay-off, closing fees as well as other costs.

Step 1 – Finding Out The Amount Of Home Equity Mortgage Loan Eligibility

The first step in getting a home equity mortgage loan is finding out how much equity the home has in it. If the present price of the home is $250,000 and the amount owed on it is $100,000 then the home has an equity of $250,000 – $100,000 = $150,000. For this you may need to get your home appraised.

Step 2 – Deciding on a Home Equity Mortgage Loan Lender

There are a number of lenders out there offering home equity mortgage loans. If you have a good credit history, you may have to choose among a plethora of lenders. One way to zero in on a lender is to check their offerings, references from past customers. Check out the best deals online as well.

Step 3 – Applying For The Home Equity Mortgage Loan

This stage may involve applying for the home loan with all the documents that have been requested by the lender. Fill in the documents accurately to get the loan sanctioned fast.

Step 4 – Processing of the Home Equity Mortgage Loan Application

This step involves a verification of documents. In addition a visit from an officer of the lending company as well as an appraiser may be on the cards.

Step 5 – Sanction of Home Equity Mortgage Loan

Once the documents are verified and everything deemed to be in order, the home equity mortgage loan will be sanctioned. Now you have to leave the title deed with the lending company as security.

Step 6 – Home Equity Mortgage Loan Disbursal

In the final stage, the loan will be disbursed to you and you can withdraw it as you need it.
Take a home equity mortgage loan from a reputed company. Also remember that home equity mortgage loans need not be taken on the complete equity of your home. Dig as deep into your pockets as you need to and not deeper.