1/5 Response Rate Sales Letter

1/5 Response Rate Sales Letter


The image makes the company. But what makes the image?

The Corporate Booklet is the most basic form of B2B communication. It is also the most important. On foreign shores the Corporate Booklet becomes the distinction between being part of the pack and having a positive corporate identity.

At Atlantis, a pool of talented, creative minds offer you the best in Corporate Communication. Applying the very best in Visual Imagery, Wordcraft and Psychology we create Corporate Booklets that underline in boldface your company among the ‘others.’

Our creatively rich and powerful work includes booklets for Holiday Tours, IBM’s National Principal Distributor, Aroma Chemicals, and even a Conglomerate.

A brief opportunity to present ourselves/send across our work portfolio could present your business a whole new vista.

Incidentally, the only catch to hiring our services, sir, is that you just might end up spending much more on champagne.

Warm Regards