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At Word S.W.A.T. you can order a range of writing services, from the most simple to the most complex. Persuasive copy is the specialty here. If you are looking to hard sell or soft sell, or you are looking to influence, you are at the right place.

First, I analyze the target audience demographically and psychographically. Second, I craft a communications strategy. Third, I lead the target audience up the “Word Stairway” to the desired action. I do this seamlessly and naturally.

  1. Sales Copy
  2. Article Writing
  3. SEO Writing
  4. Website Content
  5. Press Release Writing
  6. Landing Pages
  7. Branding Writing
  8. Custom Writing

The aim of my writing is to meet an end goal of yours – lead generation, sales, publicity, or any other. The Special Weapons and Tactics I employ are proven to get results. Nine years of freelance writing experience have honed my skills, and I use these skills to utmost effect.

When you hire me for writing persuasive copy, you hire years of relevant education, years of relevant experience; and a logical, creative, tactical mind. Every job I take is done for one purpose – client satisfaction. In every undertaking, I aim to give my client far higher value than price.

For me, content is king and so is the client.


Copy is always a means to an end. I work with you to define the end in simple terms. Then I use what I call the “Word Stairway” pattern of copywriting to draft copy that leads the reader to the desired destination.

“Word Stairway” copywriting is when you build a word stairway between your reader and your desired action. As the reader goes through the copy he ascends the stairway (mentally), possibly leading to the desired action (IRL).

I refine my words down to their purest so that they convey what they are intended to.

1. Evaluation
2. Writing
3. Evaluation
4. Rewriting
5. Repeat x

I apply myself fully to the writing. I don’t shy away from rewriting as much as is needed to do the job.

About WordSWAT

Online business situations demand copy that is both exceptional and compelling. Word S.W.A.T. combines writing acumen with expertise in psychology and marketing to craft copy tailored to individual client needs.

Logic combines seamlessly with creativity within the tactical superstructure as Word S.W.A.T. dynamically creates your personal copy solutions. I use a variety of marketing/psychological frameworks to guide the reading experience to the desired destination.

The business ethos of Word S.W.A.T. includes
1. Delivering higher value than price
2. Delighting the customer
3. Establishing long-term relationships

Mail me an RFP. It could be the beginning of a rewarding business relationship.


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